Is it time for the Saturday night entertainment show ‘The X Factor’ to call it a night? I have to say, I’m not really enjoying it so much this year. When I think of the aim of the X Factor, to create an original artist who has something different about them, I am left wondering ‘Who is there this year?’

I would have to say the most unique of them all is Katie Waissel but she’s in the bottom two every week and she isn’t very popular with the people. One Direction are good, but there’s nothing remarkable about them, in my opinion.  Who recommended Aiden to pull those funny faces during his performances? It’s not surprising he isn’t in the show anymore, and Danni Minogue gives everybody a quiff. Male or female.

Wagner can’t sing well. Let’s not beat around the bush. There’s also something more than slightly unsettling about those stare-out eyes of his when he grins manically in delight at the audience’s cheers. While he is probably a nice person, this is not what I want to watch in a supposed TALENT show. I’ll have to hold Louis Walsh responsible. Perhaps Louis is doing it deliberately after they tried to axe him from the show the other year. That’s what I heard anyway. Anybody remember this in more detail?

One of the only good things about the show now is Dermot O’Leary. He is a great presenter, in my opinion. I used to think he was very good on Big Brother’s Little Brother as well.

Who knows what the show will bring tonight. I’m missing the excitement that I had for it in previous years.