Let me begin by saying, I’m not fond of ‘lifts’ or ‘elevators’ (or however you say it where you live) because when working in a very large building a couple of years ago, I remember being on the top floor one day and seeing people inside it, trapped, being passed juice and sandwiches. I don’t think I ever used it again after that.

When Avatar was at the cinema, my sister and I were going  to see it and she parked at the bottom of the multi-storey carpark. My sister wasn’t aware of my elevator-phobia. And now we laugh at how I was behaving.

“No, I can’t go in the lift!”… “Ok, I’ll try”…”No, I can’t do it”

This kept up for what was probably a few minutes, with me stepping back and forth towards the lift like I was stepping on hot coals. Eventually, it was finally decided, that I could NOT go in the lift, and so we had to walk up, against the TRAFFIC ROUTE of the multi-storey car park. It was probably just as dangerous as any lift, but with a full car park, and no other way up, there was no alternative. So we just had to freak-out anyone who was driving down the carpark. Ah well, we got to the top and went to see the film (which was very good, BTW) and that was that! Oh, and of course, we had to walk all the way down the carpark on the way back.

So, enough about the past. I was out shopping with a friend, yesterday. When we arrived in town, we went to meet a friend of hers. As her friend is the mother of a small child, she was walking around with a pushchair, and so when we went to get food, the only way up to the café was in the lift. I decided, though, that as I dare not use the lift, I would just take the stairs and meet them up there. I couldn’t find them at first, so had to use credit on my phone to find them. Lift phobia costs! We left the café, and I returned down the stairs. We said goodbye to her friend and made our way to the Shopping Centre.

It soon became apparent, inside the shopping centre, that the escalator up to the next floor was broken. What, with the workmen, huge warning-tape and signs barricading it and making it off-limits. I had to reach the next floor as it was where  I needed to go to buy one of my boyfriend’s Christmas presents. The lift seemed the only solution.

So, there we were. I am bracing myself ready to get into the lift, when all of a sudden, my friend’s phone starts to ring. Her boyfriend is on the phone, so we have to leave the lift and head outside. About 20 minutes later, we are back again. I double-check, but the escalator is still down. People start to complaing about there being only 2 lifts in the Shopping Centre. I think perhaps there was another escalator up to the next floor, right at the other end of the Shopping Centre, so with a friend who doesn’t like walking, this didn’t seem a good solution.

The lift finally arrives!

“Dun Dun Dunnnnn….”


Three or more pushchairs enter the lift, so we have to squeeze in. I’m glad I was with my friend, as she has a calming influence with her good sense of humour and she was very reassuring. The lift starts to go up and I’m half expecting it to ground to a halt. But… it didn’t! I was safely on the next floor. Phew!

Image: Seismic Elevator Button by ATIS547 on flickr under a Creative Commons License.