Last night I tested out the ‘Create’ PC demo. I’m 24, and let me first say that I don’t believe this game is aimed at my age range. It really does feel like it’s aimed at children. With its vibrant colour palette and round edges, it feels quite kids” TV showy.

The aim of the game is to overcome challenges. You do this by using an array of objects to interact with the environment you are given, in order to make something reach a goalpost. Doing this is quite fun, despite a few little niggles. I found it hard to rotate objects. Instead of rotating the mouse in a circular motion, like I instinctively felt I had to, I had to merely move the mouse from left to right. In the end, this caused me twice as much work, as I kept doing it wrong first time, and I had to remember how I was supposed to move it. I also forgot how to move objects. (You do this by holding down the right-click mouse button and draggin the object around.)

I don’t quite understand why the text appeared so tremendously large on the screen, even when running the game at 1920 x 1080 resolution. As a spectacles wearer, I certainly didn’t need them to play this game.

Another aspect of ‘Create’ is to decorate the enviroments in order to unlock more points. I say ‘points’ because I can’t quite remember the term used. When you unlock more points you unlock more challenges. You decorate by applying shapes like clouds or wisps to the environment,  and also by applying textures to jazz things up a bit (in a way that is very much like Little Big Planet on the PS3.)

As an owner of a PS3, I would be quite interested in playing the PS3 version with the included ‘Move’ functionality. I like Move, and I think it might work rather well. But, with no PS3 demo available, I’m not going to purchase this version without at least trying it first.

Overall, I think this game would make a great Christmas present for someone who is still at school, perhaps in Year 7, or below. It does encourage creative thinking, despite the demo levels being extremely easy, it looks as though the game does get more challenging eventually.

7/10 for more information.