Well, I’ll start by saying that I haven’t completed the demo yet. It is not for want of trying. I attempted to get back into the game after “alt and tabbing” out of it…but it wouldn’t let me. The I was installing the Darkspore beta and when it had finished patching files, it took me out of the game and I couldn’t get back into it … again. It’s a demo, though, I’ll let it slide.

Impressions from what I did see? Well, the graphics were ok. Shame it was set in such a boring environment. One of the things I liked about the first Dragon Age was how pretty it looked. This new ‘desert wasteland’ look was offensive to my eyes. Though, if the first impression I got of Elder Scrolls IV was the realm of Oblivion then I’d probably say the same thing.

I actually liked the new combat system. I found it a bit weird at first, but I started to get into it. I didn’t like the sheer amount of “hurlocks”, they all looked the same and I felt like I was playing an old arcade game. At first, I thought the menu’s were a bit too basic looking, but I suppose they work well.

I didn’t like some of the cut-scenes. The whole ‘man sitting on a chair looking like Inspector Gadget’s nemesis’ reminded me too much of a gangster-game.

I hope the finished game gets good reviews, and that this demo is just a bad example of what’s to come. It would be nice to think it goes back to its roots more, in terms of visual style and story.