Is technology becoming too tedious, or are people becoming too lazy? Lots of us have more than one portable device these days. Mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, game controllers, iPads, iPods. They all need charging. It seems there isn’t a minute of the day where you haven’t got something “on charge” somewhere. One might run out of sockets in their room and have to share a double socket with your dad who is charging up batteries for his blood pressure machine. There you go, another use!

It’s almost like a race against time. You notice your phone is low on charge in the morning as you’re about to leave the house. Now you’re fighting for a socket just so you can get it done, whilst nearly legging yourself up on grandpa’s portable shaver charging wire. See my point? I don’t know how large families go on. I bet it’s not too welcome on the electricity bill either. This isn’t the first time I’ve been annoyed by this. It seems to get overwhelming sometimes so I just thought I would share my thoughts.

Something which aims to help this annoying situation is a “charging mat” and they do look like a good fix for at least part of the problem. Just plonk your phone on the mat and it shall feed on the supplied electricity. Don’t ask me how it works.

Buying one, though, might be trickier than you would think. For example you can presently find the mat on, but then it informs you you need to buy a separate receiver (which they don’t have on the site.)

Anyway, I’ve gotta go. Gotta charge up my phone. My iPad’s probably gone down a percent or two whilst writing this as well. Might go on the playstation but then I should find the charging cable as the controller’s running low. Or perhaps we should all go live in a field.