I’ve just purchased an Apple Wireless Keyboard. It is to replace my Apple Wired Keyboard that no longer works correctly. It was probably my own fault as it was only after cleaning it with damp tissues that some of the keys just stopped working.

It’s true that every cloud has a silver lining. I saw this Apple Wireless Keyboard for sale on Dixons’ website. £47, which is £10 cheaper than the normal price when bought via Apple. It’s great because I can use it with my PC and also with my iPad via bluetooth. I had to buy a bluetooth dongle to get it working with my PC, but it was less than £10 and it’s tiny.

To celebrate the new keyboard, I bought the “Pages” App from the App Store, and I have started to write a novel with it. I know it’s mainly for creating flashy letters and CV’s etc, but you can also start with a blank page.

Connecting the keyboard to the iPad is quite easy. You just turn bluetooth on in the iPad settings, and then switch on your keyboard. It will show the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and you just have to tap it. A message then appears on the iPad’s screen containing a passcode which you just have to type in with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Done!

To check how to connect with your PC, follow your bluetooth dongles’ instructions, as my software may be different. It was still a simple process for me though. What wasn’t so simple, however, was getting the bluetooth dongle to work in the first place. I use Windows 7 and I had to manually go to the “Vista” folder on the installation disc and run the setup on there to get the correct drivers installed, as the ones you see after clicking the CD icon didn’t work.