Hello! Ok, so… some of you know that I’m switching from PC to Mac. This has left me with 34 software titles that I can no longer use, and thus are now for sale! They range from old PC classics like Thief: Dark Project, to Guitar Skills software and quite recent PC games like Dragon Age and Tomb Raider Anniversary. Below is a complete list. If you are interested in buying any of them, please contact me at mikegwcarter@hotmail.co.uk

3D Platform

American McGee’s Alice (£6)

Beyond Goood & Evil (£4)

Earthworm Jim 3D (£3)

Shrek 2 (£3)

Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut (£3)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (£3)

The Hobbit (£6)

Tomb Raider 1 & 2 Collection (£4)

Tomb Raider Anniversary (£5)

 2D Platform

Sonic Mega Collection (£3)


Theme Park World (£3)


Broken Sword II (£3)

Broken Sword III (£5)

Ceville (£6)

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (2006) (£4)

Jack Keane (£4)

Myst III Exile (£3)

The Longest Journey (Win 95/98/ME) (£4)


Far Cry (£3)

Serious Sam II (£3)

Thief: Dark Project (£3)

Thief: Deadly Shadows (£4)

XIII (£3)

Action RPG/Fantasy Adventure

Dragon Age Origins (£5)

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Game of The Year Edition (£3)

Dark Messiah (£3)


Binman (£1)

Finding Nemo (Funclub version) (£1)

Monsters, Inc. Scream Alley (£2)


Midtown Madness 2 (£3)

Need For Speed Underground (Not in Photo) (£3)

Rayman M (£4)


Teaching You: Guitar Skills (£3)

Hope you see something you like! Thanks! Have a good day. 🙂