I know I haven’t posted anything in a long while, but I’m feeling quite excited at the moment so I thought I might as well. It’s currently 1:40am and I should be asleep but not very tired yet. Today my first song went live on iTunes. Yay! The song is called Game and you can download it here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/game-single/id472328962 … and there is also a rough music video that I made for it on my YouTube channel. Have I mentioned my YouTube channel yet? Probably not… Forgive me! It’s YouTube.com/mikecarterofficial. Really need to post more videos but my voice hasn’t been up to recording any lately. Only just got over my cold. Didn’t fancy recording any whilst I sounded like Chuckie Finster.

So yes, please check out my song and if you like it, buy it! 😀 I hope to release an album on there eventually. Game will definitely be on it… So, one track down! I encourage you to check out my http://www.Facebook.com/mikecartermusic page, as that is quite frequently updated and you can listen to some of my songs on there.

If you are reading this blog and would like to find out more about my music, or even to just make friends, please introduce yourself, leave a comment, send me a message, whatever… I do wonder if anybody actually reads this blog so it would be nice to get some interaction going on. Don’t be shy!! And well, if nobody is reading, ah well! I shall still continue to write lol. There’s something quite therapeutic about rambling away in a blog post.

Other exciting news. I’m writing this blog on my iPad, and iOS5, Apple’s latest mobile operating system is released tomorrow. Very excited about that!! I use my iPad a great deal. It’s probably my favourite gadget. It’s a first gen iPad but it’s quite newish as I got it for a reduced price just when the iPad 2 came out. I do like the iPad 2 but it would be rather silly for me to buy one NOW. I shall hang on for the iPad 3, unless for some reason it costs a lot more.. Then I might consider an iPad 2.

Speaking of iPad, I’ve just downloaded the new official Facebook for iPad app, and it seems lovely so far. A long time coming that app is!! I’m sure millions will be pleased. It’s come at a nice time just ready for iOS5. Probably planned…

What else? I’m off work tomorrow so I shall be chilling, well trying to chill whilst waiting impatiently for the estimated 6pm iOS5 release time. (Oh it is so very annoying trying to write iOS5 on here! I hope they make it a quick text when it’s released. It’s like a finger exercise at the moment.)

*Looks around at pitch dark*

I think I shall call it a night, as I am nearly out of blog-writing juice. Hope you found it at least a little bit entertaining to read. Remember to comment! I get the feeling I’m talking to thin air, yet still, I shall ask. Sometimes it feels a bit like trying to contact a UFO. “Is anybody out there?” Quite scared to ask that question if it IS about UFO’s though.

Anyway, this has gone on long enough! Good night!