Hello and welcome to my spontaneous iPad post. I have not blogged in a while, so why not. What have I been up to since my last blog? A couple of things. I can’t actually remember my last post so that’s not a brilliant sign.

I have been writing and producing more music! As usual. I bought myself Logic Pro 9 for Christmas which I love! I had a song played on BBC Radio Stoke as part of BBC Introducing the other week. That was fun! The song is called ‘Star In You’ and features the great vocals of Vikki Reynolds. You can listen here: http://soundcloud.com/mike-carter-music/mike-carter-feat-vikki

Hope you enjoyed that if you listened!

Been playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword rather a lot. I decided that I had too many games going on at once, so I am focusing on Zelda now until I complete it. Then I will move on. I’m thinking either Skyrim or Sonic Generations next. Probably Sonic, because Skyrim is a biggie and so is Zelda, so I need some lighter games in between.

Went to McDonald’s earlier, as I do once a week. Tried the new Apple and Blackberry pie, and I was very impressed. The original Apple Pie, which I don’t know if they actually still sell is or was very cinnamony. I like cinnamon, so that’s OK, but this new one tastes a lot fruitier, which I think I prefer

Faecbook. I still have a Facebook profile, but for me, it is wearing a bit thin lately. It’s also quite scary to see how people change in terms of their personalities. Or perhaps you just never saw that side to them until you saw them on a more personal level; i.e. their Facebook statuses. It really makes you think twice about whether you actually know someone. There are quite a few people I have now unsubscribed from because their status updates annoy me, unfortunately. And there are probably people who get bored or annoyed of my computer game statuses! I dont think I shall bother. It just seems like people are only on there to moan, or be ‘funny’ or bitch about others, and like I say, it is wearing a bit thin. One good thing about Facebook is that it can be a good promotional tool for my music. I also think it’s good for sharing photos.

I have a Twitter account, but I don’t really have the motivation to tweet either. At least Twitter is a bit less intense to how Facebook can be, though.

On a lighter note, I’m much looking forward to the iPad 3. I believe it might be released in March and announced here in February. I can’t wait to see the new featurs etc. Oh and in other iDevice related news, I now have an iPhone! I love it. It beats my old phone hands down. And it is the little touches that I really appreciate, like if you are listening to music, you can pull out the earphones and the music pauses and doesn’t blare out what you were listening to to everyone in the vicinity.

I think that will do for now. I will post another blog when I hear more about the iPad 3. Cya!